91/30 produced in 1942 matching serial numbers Fuck yea..

The thing is literally a horror story when it comes to Cosmoline……

been cleaning for 2 hours and no end is in sight.

Any Suggestions? or Help?

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    Yea its Izhemsk arsenal and Comsoline in the stock is basically non existent…… I hope I just need to clean the bolt and...
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    I love 42’s they are war time but not as rough as 43’ or 44’. I would leave the stock in a box outside if it’s hot out...
  3. peashooter85 said: Scrub harder
  4. long-range-vepr said: during this time the stock will have literally sweat out all the cosmoline. enjoy. i did this on my 51’ tula, matching #’s!
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    Make some cumsoline.